hi, i'm jessie.

i recently started at dev bootcamp in san francisco. this site will be a working progress from week 2 of phase 0 to completing coding school. you can get to know me through here.

a little about me
picture of me

i am from san diego. i graduated from ucsd with a management science degree, which basically revolved around solving econ problems with calculus and excel. it was fun but then i realized i was not a math person. then i moved to sao paulo, brazil for a year and half and taught english. it was really fun but then i realized i was not an english-teaching person either. so i relocated to san francisco where i realized i was into the creative and pragmatic structure of coding. so i applied to dev bootcamp and here i am, typing up my bio for my github.io. i also like to pet puppies, eat pho, and code challenges around these two subjects.


embroidery projects: a hobby of mine
web dev projects: projects done during dev bootcamp
birthday projects: personalized gifts to my group of friends

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dear diary...

click here for my tech and cultural blog posts for dev bootcamp phase 0.